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  • TechnoGym Selection Series Cable Jungle Forestation (rehabilitated)
  • TechnoGym Selection Series Cable Jungle Forestation (rehabilitated)
  • TechnoGym Selection Series Cable Jungle Forestation (rehabilitated)

TechnoGym Selection Series Cable Jungle Forestation (rehabilitated)


Refurbished equipment – ​​the regeneration process in our company is professional and comprehensive. A refurbished product is no different from a new one. Each machine receives a new paint coating, which is made in our modern paint shop. Depending on the type of equipment, we replace or regenerate the product's components to restore it to its factory condition. We are confident in our regeneration process, which is why we provide a 12-month warranty

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Programs: 25+ – thanks to the exclusive lever system, you can do a wide range of exercises

Ergonomic seat and backrest – the contour shape of the backrest provides optimal stabilization and minimizes pelvic load while the ergonomic and adjustable seat increases comfort, allowing the user to adopt a physiologically correct posture during each exercise. 

Handles –​​​​​​​ Multi-function handles provide a neutral grip that provides a variety of movements and ensures proper fit for each user. Drag grippers with polygonal grip: wide, inverted and neutral grip.

Movements : the Quick Start allows you to optimize your posture and start exercising without excessive effort. Biomechanical principles, along with the right anatomical and physiological positions, reduce the risk of muscle overload. 

Easy access – the low height of the machine and the conveniently mounted weighing package provide easy access and privacy during training. The large footrest provides extra support during training. 

Crossover Cables create a natural movement and help strengthen both large and small muscle groups.

VISUAL SET UP – Using clear yellow markers, even the most inexperienced user can easily set the device to the right position for training. You can easily set the machine directly from the drill position so that you can customize your training without having to move. 

PHYSIOCAM –​​​​​​​ allows you to vary the resistance so that it matches the muscle strength curve of the particular muscle group during a workout. In practice, this means lighter resistance at the beginning and end of the moving phase when the muscles are weakest. 

BIOMOTION –​​​​​​​ the concept was developed by the TechnoGym research group and is based on an in-depth study of the functional anatomy of individual muscles and their behavior in combined movements. This has resulted in a design that recreates the natural movement of a predefined ROM (range of motion). 

SMART PIN – load selection is now easier thanks to the new weight pillar with pre-wired cable. The weight of 2.5 kg, built into the top of the box, helps to gradually increase the load. 

Bottles and phone holders – do not worry where to leave your belongings - put the bottle, your phone, and personal items in the special holders and enjoy your workouts! 

A new easy-to-read board – to offer more guidance during a workout, the new plate has been revised with increased graphics for better reading and positioned in a more prominent place. If you sign in with the new QR code, you will get instructions for exercises and track your data.

Paint and upholstery – made of high-quality materials and with great attention to detail, Cable Crossover is painted with thermo-reactive powder coatings and is upholstered with high-quality materials. 

Functionality and appearance – the chrome finish of the levers and the careful design of all moving parts ensure that the equipment maintains its functionality and its attractive appearance over time.


Product weight : 479 kg

Dimensions : Length: 192 cm x Width: 168 cm x Height: 229 cm

Cable Jungle Forestation

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